Babies Named Romeo And Juliet Are Born Within Hours Of Each Other At The Same Hospital, Because… Destiny

Two mums who gave birth in adjoining hospital
rooms within hours of each other, unintentionally choose the
most romantic matching baby names.

The new mothers had never met before and both had
chosen their baby’s name earlier in their
pregnancy, yet by coincidence they both
picked the name of one of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.

Morgan and Edwin Hernandez’s baby boy, Romeo, was born at
Blufton Hospital in South Carolina on Saturday 18 March.

Just 18 hours and eight minutes later, in the next room,
Christiana Shifflett gave birth to a daughter, and she and
her husband Allan named their baby Juliet.

The two babies were introduced in the hospital and the story
was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page by baby
photographer Cassie Clayshulte on Monday 20 March.

The tale of the star-crossed babies was shared more than
5,000 times and liked more than 59,000 times within a day of
being posted.

Others were inspired to share their stories of romantic
birth coincidences.

“My husband and I were born in the same hospital same day,”
wrote one woman.

“Our parents were roommates, his translated for mine after
delivery. His father said maybe they will meet each other
again in the future and 18 years later we found each other
again and found out we were those same babies. We got
married. It’s been nine years now.”

Another mum commented: “My daughter’s name is Scarlett and
the couple in the next room named their son Rhett. We met in
the hallway looking at the babies.”

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Babies Named Romeo And Juliet Are Born Within Hours Of Each Other At The Same Hospital, Because… Destiny

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