Chelsea Clinton To Release Feminist Kids’ Book ‘She Persisted’: 7 Other Empowering Reads For Children

Chelsea Clinton is set to publish her
first children’s book, which features the stories of
12 girls and women who “didn’t take no for an answer” and
changed the world.

Hilary Clinton’s daughter, 37, will release her book titled
‘She Persisted’ on 30 May 2017.

“Persistence has changed the course of history,” Clinton
wrote when announcing the news on Twitter on 16 March.

“I’m so excited to share stories of girls and women who
didn’t take no for answer.” 

“I wrote this book for everyone who’s ever wanted to speak up
but has been told to quiet down, for everyone who’s ever been
made to feel less than,” Clinton said in a statement issued by the
, Penguin Young Readers.

Clinton’s book joins a small canon of books for young
children that challenge gender stereotypes.

B.J. Epstein, senior lecturer in literature and public
engagement at the University of East Anglia told The
Huffington Post UK
: “We need more children’s books with
female main characters, and we especially need books with
strong female main characters.

“How can girls have dreams if they don’t have role models?
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a way to live if you don’t see
people doing it, and I think girls are done a disservice by
the lack of literature that features strong females.”

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up seven more empowering
reads below.

  • Cole’s main character is a princess who does not wants
    to get married and wants to find her independence. So
    that’s exactly what she does.
    Age range: three- to
    Buy: Amazon, £5.
  • An illustrated book that has the messaging you can
    be who you want to be, you’ll be brilliant and people
    will love you whatever.
    Age range: Three- to
    Buy: Amazon, £14.99.
  • Dubbed a ‘feminist bedtime book’, this book introduces kids
    to 100 remarkable women and their extraordinary lives. It
    aims to be “empowering, moving and inspirational”.
    Age range: Three- to 18-year-olds.
    Buy: Amazon, £14.
  • Main character Roger describes most things as “fabulous”,
    but his parents ban it from his vocabulary. This book shows
    children supporting Roger with his describing words and all
    the “fabulous” things he has to say.
    Age range: Three- to
    Buy: Amazon, £2.
  • Rose breaks a stereotype of young girls and dreams of
    becoming a great engineer. She works with her aunt on an
    invention and despite it not going the way she planned,
    she’s reminded you can only truly fail if you
    Age range: five- to
    Buy: Amazon, £7.69.
  • A book that shows princesses “come in all kinds”, showing
    girls jumping in mud puddles, climbing trees, playing
    sports and making messes – all while wearing their
    Age range: Four- to
    Buy: Amazon, £13.
  • This book celebrates individuality and challenges gender
    stereotypes of boys and girls, hoping to empower kids to be
    who they want to be – not who they’re told to be. 
    Age range: Three years old and up.
    Buy: Amazon, £11.99.

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Chelsea Clinton To Release Feminist Kids’ Book ‘She Persisted’: 7 Other Empowering Reads For Children

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