Dogs Exploring The World In The Most Adorable Way

The little fur ball went zooming past us. He was not interested
in any such human nonsense. More than skeptical after our first
encounter with our soon-to-be puppy, my husband and I couldn’t
help but think: What was this breed and what did we get
ourselves into? Those “top 10 reasons not to get a toller” were
becoming a serious reality.

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Having little time, yet longing for pup, we didn’t care.
Enter Wile E. Coyote, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.
Our world – as we knew it – was over, including our newly
rented townhome (and later shredded carpets). This red
tornado demanded our attention, yet would not give us the
time of day when we sought his. And then with the toss of a
frisbee, we became inseparable. Funny thing, he taught us we
needed a second and… (gasp!) third toller sibling! Enter
Tasmanian Devil and our newest female edition, sassy Daffy.
Needless to say, the camera has not seen a speckle of dust
since that day we first met Wile E. When you are living in a
toller world, why not capture their ACME antics?

More info: Instagram

The Photo that Started It All, starring Wile E. Coyote +
Tasmanian Devil

Systolically Concerned

The Sprinkler

The Toller Paper Kings

Lake Erie, Christmas, and Yetis

Homecomings and Such, featuring sassy Daffy

Snowflakes and the Three Headed Council

Zoom, Zoom (Mom, where’s the frisbee?!!)

Bunny Ears and Stink Eyes

Rain Boots and the Great Flood

The Calm Before the Storm

Can’t Hardly Wait

Taz and the Sabotaging of Mom’s (non-waterproof) Camera

The Queen Will Not Be Overthrown

Toller Tantrum

That’s All Folks! See ya on Instagram for our next adventure!

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Dogs Exploring The World In The Most Adorable Way

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