Five Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Siberian Husky

Adopting a Siberian Husky may not be for everyone. People are drawn to husky because of their lovely eyes and cute hair, and it’s poufy and adorable, but sometimes people don’t realize how much work and time it takes to raise dogs like these. So, unfortunately, a lot of them end up in animal shelters.

 Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

Here are five things you should know before adopting a Siberian Husky.

Number five:
Siberian Husky shed a lot.Every dog sheds, but the amount a Siberian Husky shed is astronomical. It’s so much that I can’t wear socks in my house because I will
attract little husky hairs on my socks, and then when I put those socks in my shoes, I will have hairs in my shoes. Huskies are meant to withstand freezing temperatures, so they have double coats.

They have this dense, fluffy undercoat that’s kind of like the stuffing you find in stuffed animals, and they have this long coarse top coat. The undercoat protects them from the cold, and the top coat protects them from sun’s rays, so they don’t get sunburn on their skin. They do this thing twice a year called “blowing their coat” where they shed the undercoat so that new undercoat can grow in, but that doesn’t mean they only shed twice a year.

It just means it’s extra special, terrible two times a year. And it doesn’t last for like a day.
Phoenix has been blowing her coat for two months, and I can’t wait until it’s over. Pretty much, I have to vacuum the house every other day if I don’t want to see tumbleweeds on the floor. And I have to clean the couch. So, if you do want a Siberian Husky, be prepared for their hair to be your new favorite accessory and also condiment.
Number four:
Siberian Husky can be loud. A Husky’s howl can be heard 10 miles away. 10 MILES AWAY! That’s deafening! I used to live in an apartment with my husky and my neighbors, when I came home from work, would ask me, “Is your dog okay? Does she need anything? Is she lonely during the day?” Because it turns out, when I was at work, she would sit there and like, sing them a song through the walls. Besides the howling, they also talk. They’re a breed of dog that likes to talk to you. You’ll hear talking like that ‘I love you’ husky.
Phoenix’s talking is more of a grumble because she’s just the most disgruntled being on the planet. Phoenix! What! What is it?!

But we got lucky with my second husky falcon. When she wants our attention, she just spins around in circles.So, if you live somewhere where the walls are paper thin, or if people may be mad if you make a lot of noise, maybe a Husky is not for you.

Number three:
Siberian Husky need a lot of exercises or else. They’re working dogs, so they need to work, and if they don’t work, they’ll find other ways to use that energy like chewing up your shoes or putting a hole in the wall.

if you do want a husky to make sure you have the time and the energy to keep up with them they can be splendid running partners excellent hiking
farmers my girls are keen hikers, but you just have to make sure you exercise them otherwise your house is going to look like a crime scene.

Number two:
Siberian Husky can be difficult to train they’re actually pretty intelligent, but they just have this attitude that’s like what’s in it for me every command
I give you mix in Falcon likes it let me down come here any of those things they take them as suggestions yeah if I have a treat my hand they’ll come because they’re going to get a treat out of this,
but if I don’t have anything in my hand like I see that command you’re giving me, and I will take it into consideration
both of my dogs went to basic training both of them graduated both of them know what everything means it’s just if they want to do it for you or not so if you want your
authority challenged every single day then maybe a Huskies for you but if you don’t have time to train them or you don’t have the patience, and you probably need to look for another dog.
Number one:
Siberian Husky are runners ok yes we know that Siberian Huskies like to run because they were bred to run pull sleds and things, but they will run away from you and they’ll just keep moving until they don’t know where they are and they don’t know how to get back home that’s how dogs get lost neither of my dogs can be trusted operation it doesn’t mean the bad dogs

it doesn’t mean we’re bad dog parents it just means they like running and whatever I have to offer in my pockets for my hands is not worth more than the amount they like running I’ve actually seen Phoenix squeeze herself out of a full harness a full harness
she like folded her bones on top of each other and squeezed herself out and then ran down the street
I had to get a stranger to grab her by the scruff,

so I could take her home and tell her she was an evil girl in my life I’ve only ever seen one whiskey taking off leash and as soon as the owner sauce approaching her clicked the dog in I was amazed I was like what is your secret the ad like what you do magic have you done to make this possible I’m not saying it’s impossible nothing’s impossible I’m just saying it’s really rare, so those are the five things I hope some of that stuff help I hope it makes you think really hard about the decision to adopt a Siberian

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Five Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Siberian Husky

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