I’ve Spent Years Photographing Rats To Break The Negative Image Of Rats By Taking Cute Pics Of Them

I have been taking pictures of pet rats for years hoping to
break the negative image that is often associated with these
lovely animals.

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Here are some of these photographs, both of my rats and of my
friends’ rats and, as you may see, they are far from being
dirty nasty little monsters! They are actually highly
intelligent social beings that love interacting with each
other and their favorite humans. They are very friendly,
smart, playful, they love cuddles and are very clean: many
rat owners agree to compare them to tiny dogs.

I made all the little accessories (except for the little
black hat) so these wouldn’t constrain the rats: they could
remove them very easily, although they didn’t bother most of
the time as they were quite cool and relaxed. No animals were
harmed during the making of these pictures, the ladybug was
also alive and well and flew away soon after the photo

If you ever want to adopt pet rats, please consider
contacting your local pet shelter as there are many rats
awaiting for a forever home. You must also adopt at least two
rats of the same sex, rats absolutely need to have a friend
from their own species.

More info: dianeozdamar.myportfolio.com

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I’ve Spent Years Photographing Rats To Break The Negative Image Of Rats By Taking Cute Pics Of Them

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