Jamie Oliver Hilariously Told Off By His Mum For Putting Son River Rocket On The Floor

Jamie Oliver posted an adorable picture on Instagram of his
son River Rocket on the floor with the caption: “Morning
little boy, always good to get a nice smile.”

But even celebrity chefs aren’t immune from mum-shaming, as
his mother Sally Oliver wrote on the post: “This
adorable child! He looks so like you as a baby! But please
get him off that hard floor now”.

A lot of people found it hilarious, with one user saying:
“The mothership has spoken” and another said: “So funny that
grandma’s everywhere are the same😂 ‘get him of the hard
floor’ – my mom would say the same thing.”

It also prompted a lot of people to ask why he was on the
floor and whether it was hygienic, but Sally actually meant
it as lols. 

She wrote: “You’re quite right, the floor is very clean and
River is very well cared for, I was only teasing Jamie 😃”

Some took it a bit too seriously, suggesting he shouldn’t
have been on the floor in the first place, which didn’t go
down too well with his fans. 

One user commented: “Jesus Christ some people honestly… he
hardly looks distressed at being on that floor does he?!”

Another said: “Why are folk worrying he’s on the floor?
Probably cleaner than some of yours! He’s smiling, so
obviously not in distress… Get a life!!”

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Jamie Oliver Hilariously Told Off By His Mum For Putting Son River Rocket On The Floor

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