Kids Leave Puppy To Die After Covering It With Industrial Glue, However It Refuses To Give Up

Pascal, a stray puppy from Turkey, was at the wrong place at
the wrong time, when two twisted children started torturing the
helpless dog.

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He was only four months old when a rescue team found him in
an industrial building and brought Pascal to He’Art of Rescue
organization in Istanbul, Turkey. The kids did a lot of
terrible things to the poor dog, and even covered the fellow
in industrial glue.

The glue acted like cement and Pascal was so stiff he could
basically move only his tongue. The staff at the facility
shaved off the glue, along with twigs and mud that was stuck
to Pascals fur. His skin was raw, pulsing with red wounds. It
suffered significant damage from the chemicals, so the pup
had to undergo a series of medical baths to recover.

Pascal was wary of humans and he couldn’t trust anyone except
his vet. But with the loving care of the whole rescue team,
he began to socialize more and more. After months of rehab,
when his wounds healed and the fur came back, Pascal was put
up for adoption, and soon found a warm forever home in Spain.

Now, Pascal lives with his family with another dog and the
two are best buddies. They not only play together, but also
run freely on the beach, and Pascal has finally
began wagging his tail again.

(h/t: dailymail)

Pascal was found in an industrial building in Istanbul, Turkey

He was left to die after being covered in industrial glue and
dragged through mud by cruel children

A rescue team found him and brought Pascal to He’Art of
Rescue organization in Istanbul

The glue attached to Pascal’s skin like cement

He was so stiff that he could basically move only his tongue

The rescue team had to completely shave the puppy to remove the
industrial glue

The procedure revealed that Pascal’s skin had suffered heavy
damage from the chemicals

It was raw, covered in pulsing red wounds

So the puppy had to undergo months and months of rehab

Which eventually paid off because Pascal has recently found a
loving forever home in Spain

His fur grew back

And his wounds healed, allowing the pup to run freely again

His recovery was a team effort

But most importantly, Pascal learned to trust again

And found caring humans, worthy of his kind heart

Watch the video version of the story below

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Kids Leave Puppy To Die After Covering It With Industrial Glue, However It Refuses To Give Up

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