Lionel Messi Is ‘Still Cool Even With A Tarantula In His Shorts’

By now you’ve probably heard about Lionel Messi’s fabulous last
gasp goal on the weekend. If you missed it, here it is.

The goal not only helped Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-2, it
also enabled them to overtake their arch rivals in the La Liga
title race in Spain (and for the record, many people rate La Liga as the world’s
best football league).

But the really great bit about Messi’s goal, apart from the
fact it was his 500th for Barcelona and was finished so
clinically after such a beautiful build-up, is the commentary
that accompanied it.

For this, we must thank much-loved
commentator Ray Hudson
, who is famed for his evocative
phrasing. Indeed, there’s a whole 10 minute video of him
heaping glorious praise upon assorted bits of Messi
brilliance over the years

If you watch (or more to the point, listen to) the above video,
we believe Hudson’s commentary on this occasion was as follows:

“The medicine man arrives and sinks his flaming spear into
the hearts of Real Madrid.”

Sinks his flaming spear??? Um, whatever. But we like.

“Astonishing from Messi. Beautiful counter-attack. All the
pieces falling into place. Messi. Born in the crossfire
Hurricane and he is Jumping Jack Flash right here.”

Hudson channels The Rolling Stones for reasons we
can’t fathom. But again, we like.

“Amazing football. The defenders are left with bees flying
around them.”

What??? We have no idea what he’s talking about re: the bees.
But we know we love the next bit.

“Messi. You could drop a tarantula into his shorts and he’d
still be cool.”

Of all the things ever said or written about Messi — who most
people now consider the greatest footballer of all time — this
is surely the most accurate.

David Ramos via Getty Images
Suarez looks hungry for more success.


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Lionel Messi Is ‘Still Cool Even With A Tarantula In His Shorts’

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