Masterchef’s George Calombaris Charged With Assault After A-League Stoush

Masterchef judge George Calombaris has been charged with
assault after allegedly shoving a teenage fan at the A-League
grand final on Sunday night.

Calombaris, whose restaurants were last month found to have
underpaid almost 200 workers to the tune of
$2.6 million, was being taunted by members of the crowd about
the pay bungle at Allianz Stadium in Sydney.

In footage captured by fans at the match, Calombaris is seen
talking to Football Federation Australia boss David Gallop,
shortly after the team he supports, the Melbourne Victory, had
lost to Sydney FC in penalties in a fiery game.

The TV personality had attended the showpiece event with fellow
Masterchef judge Matt Preston and chef Shannon Bennett,
SBS reported.

After walking away from Gallop, Calombaris is seen gesturing at
and talking to the taunters before approaching a young man
standing in the stadium and allegedly pushing him.

At this point, a policeman walks over and leads Calombaris away
as onlookers boo and scream, “Lock him up!”. You can watch the
full video here.

The 19-year-old alleged victim told A Current Affair that Calombaris’
behaviour was “unnecessary and erratic” and he wanted to press

“He was yelling at me, ‘Come on the field, come on the field’.
I’m not an idiot, I’m not going to go on the field,” he said of
the heated exchange between the pair.

He’s a role model, he shouldn’t be doing

“He came over, because I didn’t come on the field. You can see
on the video, I start to move back and then I just got hit in
the stomach. I couldn’t believe it really.”

The teen, who wished to remain anonymous, told A Current Affair
he didn’t think Calombaris should get off the hook because he
was a celebrity.

“He’s a role model, he shouldn’t be doing it. He’s been given a
media pass to be on the field and he’s abused that privilege,
that’s for sure.”

Calombaris apologised in a statement released by Channel Ten on
Monday, claiming that the post-match abuse provoked him because
it targeted his family.

“I have spoken to Melbourne Victory FC and Football Federation
Australia today to report the situation and I’m truly sorry
that this has happened,” he said.

“While I am not proud of my reaction to the situation, I was
offended by a spectator yelling out abusive and derogatory
comments about my family.”

Police confirmed in a statement that they had served a Future
Service Court Attendance Notice to Calombaris for common

He has been called to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on
Thursday, June 29.


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Masterchef’s George Calombaris Charged With Assault After A-League Stoush

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