Mum Accidentally Sends Her Daughter To School With Adult Item In Her Lunchbox

A mum accidentally sent her daughter to
school with an item in her lunchbox that
definitely shouldn’t have been there.

The anonymous mum shared her story on Australian TV Twitter
page, Elaine, and explained how the incident
came amount.

The mum, from Queensland, had asked her five-year-old to grab a frozen juice pouch
from the freezer and put it in her lunchbox.

Unfortunately, she forgot what else was in the freezer. 

“Epic lunchbox fail when you tell your five-year-old Preppie
to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox and you forget
the other pouches in your freezer,” the mum wrote. 

The mum soon got a call from a teacher at school about said

“Made for a very interesting phone call from the teacher,”
she added.

“I apologised for not sending enough for the teachers and
they just laughed, thankfully.”

Commenting on the Facebook photo, one mum wrote: “Omg I
just did this last week I put my purse into my daughter’s
school bag with my credit union book in it – duh.”

A teacher wrote: “As a teacher I would find that hilarious.
Will be thinking of that as I check lunch boxes for peanut
products tomorrow (we are peanut free).”

Have you ever accidentally put something strange in your
child’s lunchbox? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mum Accidentally Sends Her Daughter To School With Adult Item In Her Lunchbox

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