Mum Urges Parents To Consider How The Language They Use To Describe Their Bodies Impacts Their Kids

An innocent question from her daughter made one mum hyper-aware of how the words she uses to
describe her body will help to shape her child’s
own body image.

“Why is your tummy big mama?” Allison Kimmey’s daughter asked
her as they lay by a swimming pool, before asking her about
the lines she could see on her skin.

Kimmey explained that the lines were stretch marks, some of which had formed when she
was a “little older” than her daughter is now and some of
them were from when she was pregnant.

Noticing her daughter looking inquisitively at her Kimmey

“They are shiny and sparkly, aren’t they pretty?”

Her daughter replied: “Yes, I like this one the best, it’s so
glittery. When can I get some?”

Kimmey told her daughter: “Oh you will get your glitter
stripes when you get a little bit older baby!”

Taking to Facebook and Instagram to share the anecdote with
her followers on 20 March, the mum-of-two, from Florida, US,
cautioned other mothers: 

“It matters how we talk to our daughters about our bodies.
They are listening. They are asking. And it is up to you to
help them shape how they will feel about these things.

“Will you continue the shame that society has placed on you?
Or will you teach her a new way of love?”

Within two days Kimmey’s Facebook post had more than 1,000
likes and her Instagram post had topped 3,000.

So she took to Instagram to share her gratitude and elaborate
on her body-positive message.

“Talking to our children about our bodies is so critical,”
she wrote. “The limiting beliefs we have now as adults were
formed as children.

“Even if you aren’t directly telling a child that they are
fat or unworthy, by saying those things about yourself you
have indirectly led them to believe it about

“It will never ever be wrong to encourage a young person to
love their body, even when that body doesn’t match society
standards, even when you think that body might yield some
bullying, self hate is never the answer.

“Teaching them to see the good in themselves and equipping
them with strong beliefs that every body is a good body, will
speak volumes as they grow older and will create a new fierce
loving generation with humility and that is the best gift we
can all give.”

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Mum Urges Parents To Consider How The Language They Use To Describe Their Bodies Impacts Their Kids

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