Peanut Chikki Bar Recipe

No-Bake Peanut Bar Chikki

Peanut Chikki Bar Recipe is a delicious homemade candy.Today we will be making peanut chikki bar or peanut brittle.Peanut chikki bar is quick and easy to make with very few ingredients.


4.ginger (Ginger adds a very nice tangy flavor to chikki bar.)

Method: (This recipe will make 12 chikki bars and will serve 6.)

To make peanut chikki bar, we will need:

1 cup unsalted raw peanuts. I am using the Spanish peanuts. 1 cup sugar two teaspoons of clarified butter or ghee 1/4 teaspoon of salt two teaspoons of ginger juice It’s very easy to make ginger juice. Use the fine shredder.

Shred it and then squeeze it with your fingers. First I will roast the peanuts over low-medium heat. Heat is on. So here are peanuts. Keep stirring till they are golden brown. You can cook them also in oven or toaster oven.

Peanuts are nicely roasted. It has taken me 6 minutes. And as you see the skin is coming off And I am going to remove all the skin after this has cooled off. After roasting it makes it easier to remove these skin. So I have turned off the heat and just let it cool off. Peanuts are now just little warm.

So I can just rub it between my palms so that skin will come off. Most of the skin we have to take it off. Not all. Skin is off. I am just going to put them over the paper towel and lightly crush them. They are not crushed too much. Just slightly. This is looking good.

And now we will remove rest of the skin. Whatever will come out quickly. I am ready to make the chikki. Heat is on low-medium. So first I will put the butter and let this melt. So ghee is melted. I will just cover the bottom of the pan. And then let’s put the sugar.

Salt And ginger juice. And then keep stirring slowly till all the sugar is melted and it will start caramelizing. And will come to very light golden brown color. You need to do this on very low heat.

Just low-medium is good. Sugar has started melting, and now you have to work quickly because it was going to melt just in a minute. And if you don’t keep stirring it will get burned. Sugar is caramelizing, and it has almost melted all the way. So it has taken me about 3.5 minutes.

Just scrape this spatula one time. As soon as sugar is melted, turn off the heat. And add the peanuts. You can also use the roasted unsalted peanuts for this. Just stir it. I have already greased the 5 x 7 pan.

It’s a Pyrex pan. So I am just going to pour. Now it’s ready to pour it in. Make it flat. Now let it cool off. It should be a little bit warm when we slice the chikki. If you let them cool off to room temperature, it will be tough. You can just break them still, but you can’t slice them.

The chikki is ready. It is just slightly warm. So first I will remove it from this pan. And then just cut them with a big knife. So I am making them about little a larger than 1 inch pieces. I have cut them into about 1-inch square. So they are ready.

Your Kids will like this homemade candy. Enjoy. Till we meet again

Thank you.

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Peanut Chikki Bar Recipe

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