Perfectly Imperfect – Inspiring Story Of Self-Acceptance

Tell me. Do you think you could be a runway model with an 1.59m
height and a wheelchair?

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Me neither.

But it happened.

We are stuck by looking at mainstream role models. At least
an 1.75m height, an European size 34/36 and a pretty or
special looking face. But does this represent our society?

Not even close.

Now we are talking just about the average people. With a
disability, you are definitely behind. At least with the
start of building your own self-esteem. There where no role
models when I was that 15 years old teenager in a wheelchair.
I didn’t feel ‘cool’ or ‘pretty’ with those four wheels. And
I never ever expected I would become that missing role model
myself, walking runway shows at FashionWeek and offered an
international model contract.

With an 1.59m height and a wheelchair.

Mission Impossible? I don’t think so. Not anymore.

Nowadays, my mission is to motivate and inspire others. To
show the world, in each impossibility lies a possibility.
Everything starts to have faith in yourself. Trust in your
own abilities. Everything what’s labeled as ‘different’ in
our society, is perfectly imperfect. That’s your unique
selling point! Unique isn’t found in the mainstream. Unique
is found in the exceptions.

Try it.

More info: Instagram

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Perfectly Imperfect – Inspiring Story Of Self-Acceptance

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