‘Rugby League The Musical’ Is As Ridiculously Hilarious As It Sounds

Denis Carnahan is a funny bastard. And we’re allowed to say
that because he said we could.

Denis who? Ah, well even if you don’t know the name, if you’re
even slightly into rugby league and you’ve visited a little
place called the internet in the last few years, you’ll likely
have seen his work.

Carnahan is a musician and satirist who a couple of years ago,
wrote a rugby league anthem which mocked the way Queenslanders
pick State of Origin players from pretty much anywhere that
either is or isn’t Queensland.

Here’s that song. Enjoy.

This and a bunch of newer Carnahan songs have now packed down
together in a musical scrum called ‘Rugby
League The Musical

Carnahan has actually been doing this for years. This reporter
went a couple of years ago and loved it. We went again recently
for the current season and loved it more.

The genius of Carnahan is the way he updates the latest rugby
league scandal or outbreak of weird behaviour — and let’s face
it, there’s never a shortage of material to pick from — and
turns it into a song. This he does with guitar in hand and an
array of silly outfits. It’s all very cabaret and fun.

Here’s another example.

The vibe at Rugby league The Musical might be described as
“chilled bogan”. You know how there are bogans who are angry
and no fun to be with at all? And how there are other bogans
who just want to have a few beers and a good time? Well the
audience was full of the latter type of bogan, your
correspondent included.

My mother also went. She’s not a bogan at all but she is a
rugby league fan and she liked it so much, she’s going again
next week. As should you. It’s a Sydney show (for now) so
apologies for those based elsewhere.

But for those in the Harbour City, RLTM plays at The Bridge
Hotel in Rozelle, Sydney, throughout May. Tickets are just $16.60 which is cheaper
than an actual NRL match, and a lot more fun.


“The 2017 version has a whole bunch of new songs, and a couple
of new characters singing about the conspiracies and treachery
in the back rooms of rugby league, along with all the old
favourites,” Carnahan told us when we rang like starstruck
groupies to compliment him on the show.

When pressed on the latest updates to a show which is always
changing, he said “Of course, we deal with the ongoing saga of
the Tigers, as well as the greatest love story in sport”.

Hmmm. Wonder who that could involve? You’ll have to catch the
show to find out.


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‘Rugby League The Musical’ Is As Ridiculously Hilarious As It Sounds

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