School Bans Fidget Spinners After Girl Appeals To Her Headteacher

A school has banned ‘Fidget Spinners’ from lessons after an
anonymous pupil wrote to her headteacher to complain about
the disruption they were causing in class.

Churchill Academy, in north Somerset, has
officially changed its policy on the gadgets after head Chris
Hildrew received a letter from a girl in Year Seven.

hafakot via Getty Images

The toys, which are proving popular with children and adults
like, were originally designed to relieve anxiety and help
people focus, especially with attention-related disorders
such as ADD and ADHD.

But, but Hildrew’s pupil claimed they are actually doing the

Sharing the letter on his Twitter page, the girl said: “They
are a disruption to me and other people in my class. They are
the latest craze and roughly seven people bring them into my
lessons and share spares with other people.

“They are noisy and so when you are trying to focus on your
work all you can hear is it spinning around and round.”

The girl also said that she and her peers find Fidget
Spinners distracting as they cannot help but watch as other
students do tricks.

“This means that I am not doing my hardest on my work so I
get less done,” she explained.

As a result, Hildrew decided to take action and wrote to his
staff explaining that the gadgets will now be confiscated in
lessons if they are brought to school.

He wrote an email to his faculty leaders, which he also
publicly shared on social media, which stated: “If students
try to claim it helps them concentrate, they are wrong –
their use of a Fidget Spinner is not only distracting them,
it is distracting others too.”

In subsequent tweets Hildrew reassured parents who had raised
the question of the gadgetshelping children with
concentration problems, and said: “Our ADHD kids use stress
balls or blu-tack – a silent and unobtrusive aids to

“No problem with that where there’s an identified need.”

Other schools, including All Hallows RC High School in
Salford, Greater Manchester, have also banned Fidget Spinners.

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School Bans Fidget Spinners After Girl Appeals To Her Headteacher

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