Smart Home Controller With PSoC and LinkIt ONE

I will be using Blynk for this project with which users will
have the benefit of connecting their Android as well as iOS

Blynk allows you to connect your hardware to the cloud very
quickly and easily. Widgets are present in the Blynk app and
they can be dragged and dropped, and then configured to connect
with your hardware in a variety of ways. This is my first
project with Blynk, and from what I’ve seen, it’s extremely
easy to build IoT apps with it.

So head over to on your smartphone, download the Blynk
app for your platform (Android or iOS) and also, make an
account or log in to your existing one.

Once done, I would recommend those who are new to Blynk to
check out the “Getting Started” section here
and also the sample LED project to get familiar with it.

When you are at this screen and are ready to proceed, press the
QR code icon in the center and it will open your smartphone’s
camera to scan a QR code.

Once the camera opens, scan the QR code:

It will create an exact copy of my project’s widgets.

Press the nut icon and then press “Email all”. It will email
the auth token for the project to your email address (The one
which you registered for Blynk). Open the email address and
note down the auth token, you will need it later.

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Smart Home Controller With PSoC and LinkIt ONE

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