Tape Fabric To Your Wall, Then Roll Liquid Starch Over It For Gorgeous Fabric Wallpaper

I love my house, but I’ve lived there for so long that
sometimes I get bored of it.

Every so often, I get the urge to completely change the decor
in my house. I get the urge to paint the walls, reupholster
my furniture, hang new art on the walls, etc.

Anytime I get the urge to redecorate, though, I remember that
repainting the walls, re-carpeting the floors, and redoing
all my decorations is expensive, time-consuming, and a huge

So, instead of redecorating, I look at pretty magazines and
dream about gorgeous rooms instead.

When I saw this brilliant hack, I realized I could use it to
redecorate my house anytime I feel bored! It’s so easy and
requires so few materials — I’m already thinking about the
next three fabrics I want to use!

Follow the instructions below to make your very own
personalized fabric wallpaper.


  1. Measure your wall.
  2. Cut down the fabric to fit your wall perfectly.
  3. Tape the fabric to the wall using painter’s tape.
  4. Pour liquid starch into paint tray.
  5. Roll on to adhere fabric to wall.
  6. Let wall dry overnight, then remove tape.
  7. When you’re tired of it, the fabric peels off easily!

For step-by-step instructions, follow along with the video
tutorial below. If you love redecorating your house, please
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Tape Fabric To Your Wall, Then Roll Liquid Starch Over It For Gorgeous Fabric Wallpaper

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