These Four Mother Cats Were Left Behind When Their Kittens Were Adopted

Sixteen kittens have been adopted between these four mothers
and they have been left in foster care for months. Mama cats
deserve forever loving families too, especially after all they
have been through!

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Any of these cats can be adopted through Cat Adoption and
Rescue Efforts in Richmond Virginia. 

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Mimosa was rescued from a kill shelter in late January and her
five tiny babies were born the next day

Mimosa was a good mother to her kittens and they all grew up
strong and healthy

By the time her kittens were weaned, her immune system was so
weak that her hair started falling out

Luckily, after a few lime-dips and time to recover, Mimosa’s
hair has grown back and she is loving life

Harmony was saved from a kill shelter last July and her kittens
were born the day after she arrived in foster care

Harmony’s kittens were adopted last September and their mom is
still in need of her forever home

Harmony is a cuddle bug and loves being the center of

Roxie was saved from a rural shelter in North Carolina

Roxie didn’t just raise her own three kittens… she also took on
three orphans and nursed them!

She is a beautiful Turkish Angora and her tail quivers when she
meets you because she is so happy to see you

Diana had a raw, open burn on her back when she was pulled from
the pound last April with her two week old kittens

After a few months in foster care, her burn is almost all
healed up

All of Diana’s kittens except one have been adopted, and after
all she has been through, she deserves a loving family

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These Four Mother Cats Were Left Behind When Their Kittens Were Adopted

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